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Kalashtar is really a race of psionic humanoids through the Adar region of Sarlona. In Quori vocabulary,i means “wandering dreams”.

History of Kalashtar

The location Kalashtar certainly are a compound competition that includes risen Quori from your own Dal Quor plane, the location of dreams and a persons bodies and spirits in Adar. The location certainly are a compound competition that includes risen Quori from your own Dal Quor plane, the location of dreams and a persons bodies and spirits in Adar.


Personality of kalashtar

Lots of kalash-tar are reclusive and like by which to keep the temple- keeps of Adar, but many are driven by a way of purpose to go out straight into Eberron. Some of those who leave wish to finish the siege on Adar by your Riedrans and others leave in a great attempt to escape the Musing about it Dark. Kalash-tar are typically reserved, quiet and tend to spend substantive time thinking something through ahead of acting. They truly are kind and care towards others though, within the intelligent manner rather than emotional. Not necessarily known precisely why kalash-tar take on a keen interest in maintaining their emotions, but it really is typically believed to be due to the turmoil they suffer via their conjoined souls. 

Escape from Dal Quor

They share their friendship with a wry smile and through offhand responses instead of being cordial as well as making lewd jokes. The division with the quori soul subsumed within just the kalashtar keenly remember all their escape from Dal Quor, and long to go back someday.

Kalashtar running and hiding from the Musing about it Dark are cautious of some, though they remain invariably considerate, kind, and even compassionate. Kalashtar are unable to merge all their human half ‘s sensitivity with the strange and wild visions and memories of their quori individuals. Beneath their serene makeup, kalashtar are at conflict within their computers, struggling to fend off madness. Sometimes they start to reduce that struggle, displaying confusing and sometimes dangerous behavior. Dealing with the Dreaming Dark is considered the most vital goal for kalashtar, since several find them as the ultimate wickedness in existence.


Kalashtar Names

What they are called of Kalashtar are three to five syllables long and possess hard and hissing rimant. Male names finish with one of this suffixes -harath, khad, melk or tash, while elegant names are kashtai, shaana and tari.

Masculine Names: halkhad, havrakha, kanatash, lanamelk, malharath, parmelk thhakahad.

Female names are: Sorashana, Thakashtai, Mevakri, Khashana and Thatari.

Features of Kalashtar

Era. Kalashtar develop physically perfectly as humans do and possess similar lifespans.

Position. The noble spirit linked with a kalashtar drives it toward lawful and good behaviour. Almost all kalashtar combine strong self- discipline with compassion for just about any sentient beings, however, many kalashtar prevent the virtuous influence of these spirits.

Size. Kalashtar are similar in build to humans, though they are typically a few inches taller. Your size is Medium.

Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

Dual Mind. You could have advantage on all Wisdom saving throws.

Intellectual Discipline. You might have resistance from psychic damage.

Mind Link. You can speak telepathically to any creature you can see , provided the creature is within a number of feet of you equal to 10 times your level. You do not need to talk about a language with the creature for it to understand your telepathic utterances, but the creature must be able to understand at least one language.

When you are employing this feature to speak telepathically to a creature, you can use your action to give that monster the ability to speak telepathically with you for 1 hour or until you end this effect as an action. To Use this ability, the monster must be able to help you and must be within this trait ‘s range. You can give this ability to only one creature at a time , creating a creature will take it away from another monster who has it.



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