Collins Tuohy - Biography : The True Story of Michael Oher, The Blind Side

Collins Tuohy – Biography : The True Story of Michael Oher, The Blind Side

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Collins Tuohy – Biography : The True Story of Michael Oher, The Blind Side

Collins Tuohy is well known whilst the adoptive sister of Jordan Oher, the NFL offensive lineman that film production company “The Shutter Side” was predicated on. Your woman was played by Lily Collins in the film, and is a state champion pole vaulter in secondary school( via Tuohy ‘s website). Inside the film, she ‘s tested to really have a close attachment with Oher, and when the lady became Homecoming Queen at Briarcrest Christian School, having been her escort. They both visited the University of Mississippi, and Tuohy became an Ole Pass up Varsity Cheerleader, while Oher became a member of the football team.

After “The Blind Side” premiered, the simply inspiring story of Jordan Oher ‘s life and adoption by way of the Tuohy family catapulted the film to the very best from your charts, and fans became eager to obtain more data within the Tuohys, and exactly what their life continues to be the same as since the poker site seizures from your film. Especially protective sister Collins Tuohy, who has always tested such amazing support with her brother, whether choosing him for the NFL draft home business office for emotional support, or entertaining him for your sidelines while he played for that Ravens, and then the Carolina Panthers.


Collins Tuohy is an entrepreneur

Currently Collins Tuohy is co- owner and Director of Promotion and Sales for Whimsy Cookie Company, which is located in Memphis, Tennessee( via Whimsy Cookie Co.). Once Tuohy joined forces with owner Laurie Suriff, they expanded the business, and now ship the valuable sweets cookies all over the United States. Tuohy also runs a lifestyle blog called Collins Cabinets, in which she gives advice on her choices for anti-aging, fashion, home decorating, and travel.

She ‘s really involved in The Making it Happen Foundation with her family, in which she ‘s an affiliate of the board. The Foundation is dedicated to aiding underprivileged youth, and the vision is to “provide hope and enhance the standard living and quality of life for all the children fighting to outlive in the invisible cracks in society”.

Since 2016 Tuohy has been married to Cannon Johnson, who is the brother of Black Label Media co- founder Molly Smith. Molly Johnson was your person accountable for bringing the script for “The Blind Side” to Alcon, who would go on to produce the film( The Hollywood Reporter). According to Tuohy ‘s Instagram, the two met at an each year “Cookie Party”, and he offered to her a decade later, at the same cookie special event. Along with her blog, Tuohy is very active on cultural media— especially Instagram— promoting clothing and products, and sharing glimpses at her life.

True Story of Michael Oher and ‘The Blind Side’

Eileen Oher will be the sole Super Bowl champion to become more fabled for learning to be a determined show than, perfectly, being a brilliant Bowl winner football player.

After all, it ‘s hard to outshine Sandra Bullock.

Before Oher spent eight years inside the NFL, having been one of the topics from acclaimed author Michael Lewis ‘s reserve, The Blind Side: Evolution from a game title, and next the only real concentrate of its big supports screen adaptation, The Blind Aspect. Film production company, written and described by John Lee Hancock, followed Oher ‘s journey from homeless adolescent to Division I All supported American left tackle for Ole Miss. A smash hit that made over$ 300 million for the box office, the film won Bullock an Oscar nevertheless took some liberties with the particulars of Oher ‘s life history. In some ways , the genuine story is even more amazing than what was proven during the movie.

Oher ‘s birth mum and dad were troubled addicts

Right smack during the core fracture cocaine epidemic that swept the usa ‘inner urban centers. Having been one of kids born to a mother who had fallen victim to the cheap and ultra- habit forming narcotic, which set him on a troubled path from the start . His father disappeared first on, while his mother, Denise, struggled with for many years .

“When my mother was away from drugs and working, she would remember to go shopping and there would be an angry scramble to grab whatever you could before anybody else got to it”, he wrote in the book . The issue was the fact she was rarely off medications and working, so Oher is really a nomad if the puppy dog continues to be young. Child providers removed his wonderful siblings from their mother ‘s home when Oher was at the tail end of first grade, and the guy bounced around between foster households, friends ‘couches and anywhere else he could locate your warm location to rest his head.

With little adult direction or stability, Oher barely made it to school— the guy repeated both first and second grade, attended nine different universities over the course of 10 years and missed dozens from school days annually even whenever he was passed along to a higher grade. The most stable residence he previously was in your housing project called Hurt Community, where he lived from 10- years- old right up until he started out high institution.

Once he was a child, Oher was bunking up with a local athletic program director known as Tony Henderson, who had extra room in his house. The guy was less of an appealing prospect for prestigious private universities, but when Tony took his son Steven to the localized Briarcrest Christian School, Big Henry, as he was called, marked along for the ride in any case .


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